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CompFlo Update | 12/30/2013

Here is the most recent update for CompFlo | 12/04/2013. This one is important so please review the entire thread.

  • USPAP 2014-2015 : Opinions are now Value conclusions. Pursuant to this "clarification" within the new USPAP, we've declared any other data that could be considered to be opinion to the list of "confidential" information that is to be deleted from our database during the extraction process. Some of the more notable areas that fall into this category include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Highest and best use

  • Market Conditions (The entire neighborhood section)

  • Effective age

  • The cost approach (i.e. Land Value)


If it's not considered to be "factual data" (i.e. square footage, year built, lot size. etc) or information that can be obtained within the public domain then it will be declared "confidential" and deleted from the tables in our database. Please note that the system will continue to display condition and quality ratings. This decision was made after speaking with board member Scott Murphy. The Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board met on 12/17/2013 and the matter of the new USPAP 2014 clarifications were discussed. As per Mr. Murphy:

"The Georgia board is satisfied with the Foundation's new position through Questions and Answers that quality and condition are DATA and not confidential" Consequently our users will still be able to view the UAD ratings. Condition commentary has been removed as it sometimes includes other information that could be construed as confidential.

  • Condo Project Information: Will now be displayed when viewing Primary Data. Please make sure your condo information is accurate as we will be building a database specifically for Condominium | Project Data. See Image attached to this post.

  • Import Fails | No worries : Please do not be alarmed at the status report if some files that you have uploaded indicate "Failed". This usually indicates a non-supported form such as a 2055, final inspection or various other forms or document types that come in. In some cases we may miss a file or two due to a "time out", but we flag those for a manual extraction.

  • Upload Data Support: We are now adding more than 2500 records a day. For those of you still need to upload please note that we've created a new link on the home page ( called "Support" at the top on the menu bar. Please note that it is password protected. The password is getsupport. We've put this on the front end of the site so that timers are not engaged.

  • Work File Printing: FOR THOSE OF YOU PRINTING ONE RECORD AT A TIME. DON'T!!! Save yourself some time and add them to the work file. Then print them all at once. I've sent this one before but it bears repeating. Otherwise you may want to strangle me for creating another system that stinks. :)

Please note that this completes the last set of major updates slated for release in 2013. We will be settling in to start the development process for the next massive update due in 3rd quarter, 2014. Our primary mission is to stay focused on the goal of shaving 20-30% off of the appraiser's average research and report preparation. Coming Soon:

  • Search map overlays: Subdivision, Neighborhood, School District

  • Enhanced Deed Search: Subdivision, Land Lot (Yay. I really miss this one)

  • Direct integration with the major form producers for import capability.

Please allow me to extend a sincere Happy New Year to our user base. :) Thanks again everyone. P.S. Please Upload Data! Please contact me directly if you need assistance.

Shane Moxley CompFlo | Valuation Information Systems P 404-257-6966 | Ext 801 P 888-989-3540 | Ext 801 F 678-868-2398

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