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CompFlo 2.0 Update

Greetings Everyone,

The CompFlo Application 2.0 launched successfully on Friday. Thanks again to our user base for the tremendous support. As to be expected there were a few bugs that needed to be ironed out. We spent the weekend identifying areas of concern and we'll spend the next 10 days or so ironing the platform. Please note that we are aware of numerous instances of duplicate records. We are currently building a "scrub script" that will scour the database for duplicates and easily identified extraction errors. In addition our extraction technology is still moving through the hundreds of thousands of files that were in queue as of Fridays launch. Those records are being introduced daily as they are available.

Please shoot me an email with any bugs or errors you might find so we can add it to the list.

Thanks again

Shane Moxley

CompFlo | Valuation Information Systems

P 404-257-6966 | Ext 801

P 888-989-3540 | Ext 801

F 678-868-2398

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