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CompFlo Update | 11/21/2013

Good Morning Everyone,

Please forgive the long email, but we've been very busy refining the system. . Please read as the following list of updates answers the lion-share of questions we've received via support request and flagged data.

  • Duplicates have been removed. The biggest news this morning is that last night we deployed a new program that will "scrub" the database nightly for duplicates and remove them. In addition, prior to selecting which records will be selected for the database, each record is scored based on variety of factors including the total number of data points available, accuracy and images. This means a grossly improved level of accuracy over our own legacy system and other competitive systems.

  • Age | Lot Size Correction: Some records contain obvious errors in the year built and lot size fields. This happens when the fields from the original submission are blank or incorrect. This can be corrected by "matching" the tax record. Just click on the tax tab to the right and search out the tax record.

  • 1.1 Million new records added: And we are still going.

  • Fresh Data Please: If you have not submitted data please do so. The extractors now have data into the system within hours to days depending on how many files are in queue. If you need assistances please contact me and I will send support material.

  • 700 Users: We passed the 700 user mark yesterday and we are adding new users almost every day. This ultimately means more data, less cost per user.

  • Flagged Data: All flagged data has been addressed. Please note that some record remain that have "0" data in them. This was done intentionally for records that were obviously unreliable. These records come in this way usually in a blank form or template. We'll be modifying the scrub application to remove these as well if they cannot be corrected.

  • Internet Explorer (IE) Security Issue: The CompFlo Application communication and data traffic is encrypted via an SSL connection. Some user have experienced a "warning" when using IE. This can be corrected by clicking the link that says "Continue to Site". The IE browser had become difficult to work with. We strongly encourage users to install and use the Google Chrome browser. If you need assistances please contact me and I will send support material.

  • System Maintenance: Please note that the site will be down for maintenance on Sunday 11/24/2013 from 12:00PM to ASAP.

We've still got a lot work to do so please continue to send us feedback and we will respond as quickly and effectively as we can. Thanks again everyone.

Shane Moxley CompFlo | Valuation Information Systems P 404-257-6966 | Ext 801 P 888-989-3540 | Ext 801 F 678-868-2398

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