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Formally Introducing: The CompFlo Application

After 18 months in development we are proud to present CompFlo | Valuation Information Systems. The CompFlo application was developed and designed specifically for one purpose: The appraisal research process. On 11/01/2013 we launched CompFlo 2.0 effectively retiring the original system in favor of a dramatically improved system. Over the last year and a half we've established a user base in the northern half of the state of GA to just over 700. We've been able to we extract more than 3 million unique records and we've deployed a sophisticated scrub application that scours the database nightly for duplicates and potentially unreliable data. In addition we are adding 1000's of records daily as the extraction process continues. As of today Real Estate Professionals that are part of our network can access:

· Non-confidential appraiser generated data

· Tax Records

· Chain of Title

· Images

· Sketches

· Dimensions and flood maps

Our goal is straightforward: To leverage technology in such a way that our user base can do their job better and faster. Going forward we will focus on this core principle by continually working to improve the system without compromising its utility.

Gratitude: It would be shameful to not to extend a sincere gratitude to the hundreds of appraisers that have so generously contributed data and waited so patiently for the system to mature. We are extremely grateful.

What's Next: Expansion. The CompFlo Application is now available to the entire state of GA. Tax record and chain of title will be available for the central and southern part of the state starting June 1st. In the coming months will be reaching out to appraisers in these areas to ask that they participate in the extraction process. CompFlo will remain free in the areas until such time that the database matures and becomes worthy of payment.

We will send out additional updates as we improve the system. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.

Thanks again everyone Shane Moxley CompFlo | Valuation Information Systems P 404-257-6966 | Ext 801 P 888-989-3540 | Ext 801 F 678-868-239

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