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application ever designed specifically for appraisers

to the most advanced research 

Superior Appraiser Data.   Discover the advantages of fresh, reliable data. 


  • Appraiser Generated Data

  • Assessor Data

  • Chain of Title

  • Plat Overlays

  • USPAP | State Law Compliant Submission Process


Superior Appraiser Research and Appraisal Data

Superior Real Estate Data. Period. 

The CompFlo Application was developed and designed by a field appraiser for one, very specific purpose: To pull comps. Given the regulatory environment and the ever expanding scope of work, fresh and accurate data absolutely is necessary to building a compliant work-file and a credible report. We've deployed "Best in Class" technology to help our user base do just that.  



Time is Money. 

Over the last 5 years the scope of work for an appraiser has increased exponentially. Appraisers find themselves taking longer than ever to complete an appraisal assignment. Developed in a way that leverages the most sophisticated technology available, the CompFlo application is designed specifically to allow appraisers to complete an assignment faster and with greater reliability.   Do more with less time. 

Web Based and Field Ready 

Nearly 5 million unique records from our appraiser generated database. Every record is sourced and scrubbed for reliability by our user group. With sketchs and images available, you can access the most reliable data available.

Match the CompFlo "Appraiser Generated Data" directly to county tax records and chain of title for a quick print or save to work file for later review. Chain of title display suitable for cut and paste directly into the appraisal.

CompFlo features a Google Map with plat overlays with lot dimensions and a direct link to the GA Dfirm Flood Map technology. Designed for maxium effeciency to allow specifically for cut and paste directly into the appraisal report.

Export appraiser-generated data blended with tax data via our easy to use work file feature. Allows for auto population of the URAR to Alamode, ACI, Bradford ClickForms and WCA via XML export. 

Data submitted by appraisers who do not wish for it re-sold will be restricted accordingly. By that we mean for any purpose other than research by our members. Bulk sale of the data will be restricted within the terms of agreement.

A USPAP | State Law compliant upload process for fast and easy data submissions. Files are REDACTED and then extracted via our patent pending extraction technology. Any potential confidential data is indentified and expunged automatically. 


Tax Assessor Data

Lot Diminsions Overlay

Workfile Export Function

Appraiser Generated Data

State Law | USPAP Compliant

Optional Data Restriction

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